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<<Feb 2021>>

Feeding the New Business Pipeline

Wednesday 17th February 2021

Build a pipeline and move suspects to prospects, from cold to hotCreating new business opportunities, filling pipelines, is the number one priority for most agencies right now.  How do we get invoices over the line in 2021 and beyond?  So, this training is both timely and critical as a catalyst...

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Blog Posts

Jan 2021

Want Better Answers? Ask Better Questions

The truth is, most of us are pretty poor at asking questions. We can all do it, of course; we can all ask ‘What’s your name?’ without thinking too much. But once we move up...

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Nov 2020

How To Lead And Grow Your Clients

The most effective path to growth is through client development. Now more than ever, keeping and growing the clients you have is essential for sustainable growth.  Your agency is at least 5 times more likely to...

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Our team all have agency backgrounds - where they worked in Senior Management as Strategists, New Business Directors and Client Service Directors. They understand the cut and thrust of daily agency life and the need to resolve the tension between theory and getting things done.  So they all share a common attitude and action oriented approach - the clue’s in our name - jfdi.

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